Virgo Kegel Exercise Weights


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Virgo Kegel Exercise Weights – Set of 5.

Discover your pelvic floor muscles with the Virgo Kegel Exercise Weights! Kegel Ball, also known as Vaginal Dumbbell, is an instrument that women put into their vaginas to exercise vaginal contractions. It is used to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. It can help improve a wide range of important factors for women, such as postpartum recovery, age or weight-related weakness, improve sexual pleasure, etc. Virgo Kegel Exercise Weights are made of the highest quality human-friendly silicone material. Virgo Kegel Weights contains five Kegel Balls for graduated strength training. There are five different weight classes: 30g/50g/70g/90g/110g.

For first time users, we recommend that you start with the lightest and easiest kegel ball. Insert the kegel ball, then tightly squeeze your pelvic floor muscles while sitting. Relax and try repeating this a few times while you get acquainted with your pelvic muscles. If you have difficulty finding and contracting your pelvic muscles, keep trying until you feel the sensation of lifting and squeezing. Many women integrate pelvic floor muscle exercises as part of their daily routine. Some habitually do them each day, for example on their drive to work, while others exercise multiple times a day, whenever they remember.


• A generous cord ensures quick and simple removal after use

• 5 kegel weights phases for better exercise effects

• Full silicone enveloped for safe use and easy maintaining

• 100% waterproof, can be used in the shower bathtub