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Dorcel invites you to revolutionise the world of geisha balls with its set of interchangeable balls specially designed for the brand’s 40th anniversary.

This kit includes:

  • 4 non-vibrating balls of different weights
  • 1 remote-controlled vibrating ball with 16 vibration modes
  • 1 remote control
  • 1 string to fix 2 balls of your choice
  • 1 string to fix 1 ball of your choice

Multiple combinations to try, to strengthen your pelvic floor, or to increase your pleasure.

Each ball has a different weight.

  • Black Colour: 20 gr
  • Silver Colour: 32 gr
  • Light Gold Bright Colour: 41 gr
  • Glossy Gold Colour: 52 gr
  • Dark Gold Colour: 65 gr

The black ball is a vibrating ball that you can control with the remote control. 16 vibration modes offer you multiple possibilities. You can keep your hands free during your perineal re-education session or simply to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle and tighten the vagina.

But you can also use these geisha balls with your naughty game partner, for example, who will take control of the remote control.

Each ball contains a ball inside: each movement triggers a contraction of the pelvic floor. The longer you keep the balls in you, the more you muscle your vagina. You then trigger a virtuous circle: the stronger your perineum is, the better you feel your partner during sex and therefore the more pleasure you feel.

If the balls are of different weights, it is to change the level of difficulty of the exercises. The heavier the ball is, the more difficult it is to keep it inside you. It’s up to you to be strong enough to keep the Geisha balls in your vagina.

For all women who wish to strengthen their pelvic floor and tighten the vagina or need perineal re-education, following childbirth for example. Take back control of your vagina, and your sexuality !

To all women who love masturbation, vaginal stimulation… You can use these geisha balls for solitary pleasure.

In addition to the classic use you can have with geisha balls, you can also use them to enjoy additional vibrations thanks to the vibrating ball. This is another additional possibility to have fun with this kit.

Finally, for all naughty couples, the remote control offers the possibility to play with your partner. Like a vibrating egg, you can insert the Geisha balls into your vagina, give your partner the remote control, and let him decide when he will press the buttons to send you delicious vibrations.

For an even more pleasant use of your geisha ball kit, we recommend that you moisten it with a water-based lubricant.

Attach the Geisha ball(s) to the silicone string of your choice. Gently push the balls into your vagina while keeping the cord well outside. Take the time to install them comfortably, then once they are in place, press the vibration activation button to see the extent of its capabilities!

You can also use them simply without the vibrations, so you don’t need the remote control. All you have to do is choose the weight combination you want and insert them into your vagina while in a relaxed position.

In each of the balls, you will find a ball. Each movement of this ball will trigger a contraction of the perineum, for more efficiency in your Kegel exercises, or for even more pleasure!

At the end of your session, remove the ball(s) safely by pulling the cord.

The Training Balls are made of ABS, and the retaining strings of these balls are made of hypoallergenic, phthalate-free silicone for maximum safety, so you can concentrate only on your pleasure.

Sixteen vibration modes and geisha balls of various weights to find the winning combination to please you.

The vibrating ball is rechargeable thanks to the USB cable provided.

The entire kit is waterproof and easily washable (with soap and water or a special antibacterial sex toy cleaner).