Silicone Erection Enhancer Set


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Keep your erection rock hard and ready for anything with the Silicone Erection Enhancer Set.

The set of two enhancers are designed to slip easily from the pump cylinder to the shaft of your penis. Go from training to play without a minute’s interruption.

Penis pumps use vacuum pressure to increase blood flow to your penis and with regular use, increase the length and girth of your penis. They help you get your best erection yet with increased pressure and blood flow to help you reach new heights of satisfaction in your love life. These erection enhancers take your pleasure to the next level by helping you maintain that rock hard erection you and your lover crave after you’re done pumping.

The enhancers feature easy-to-use handles to make switching between pumping and thrusting a breeze. Just arrange the enhancer over the cylinder of your pump, then pull the ring down onto the base of your shaft when you’re ready to go. The enhancers are oversized to fit any pump cylinder. Stretchy and comfortable silicone enhancers work much like a traditional cock ring. The enhancers allow you to maintain an erection that’s harder than ever by allowing blood to flow into your penis but not out. The additional pressure will add a heavenly sensitivity to your play to maximize your pleasure experience.

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