Pjur Woman Vegan Lubricant


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Pjur WOMAN Vegan water based personal lubricant.

Pjur WOMAN Vegan is a water-based personal lubricant designed specifically for women and made with vegan ingredients and without animal testing. Tailored to the pH value of female mucous membranes, this product does not contain parabens, paraffins, gluten, glycerin, synthetic perfumes or colour additives. Compatible with latex condoms. Skin compatibility dermatologically tested. Non-spermicidal. Not a contraceptive. For everyday use. Suitable for use with all sex toys. 100 ml bottle.


  • 100% vegan ingredients and no animal testing
  • No synthetic colour additives or perfumes
  • Highly compatible with mucous membranes
  • Suitable for use with all erotic toys

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