Pepee Collagen Lubricant


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Pepee Collagen Water Based Lubricant

The scent makes love shine! It brings happiness to your skin.

A collaboration lotion with the “Pepe” brand, which is synonymous with its high-quality – Pepee Collagen Lotion.

Contains a vine x plump feel and collagen ingredients that are very popular with women.

Pepee Lotion is a Japanese made water-based lubricant. The company that produces Pepee has been around for more than 50 years and have gotten their creation to perfection, providing a multitude of varying types of water-based lubricants.

We have adopted a one-touch cap that is easy to use and convenient.
In addition, it is highly versatile and has a medium and high viscosity suitable for use in all situations.

Capacity: 360ml

Made in Japan