Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex


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Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex is a high quality masturbation device that replicates a real woman, a great training practice endurance tool to keep your humping and thrusting game up to par so you can last for however long your partner desires.

Fleshlight men’s sex toys can be used for both pleasure and to increase sexual performance and stamina.

The Vortex is the first in a new class of sleeves that feature not only incredibly stimulating textures but varying levels of tightness. The four spiraled chambers of the Vortex will bring you to a dizzying climax.

Tighten and Loosen the Special End-cap to control suction for Added Realism. 


Pair your Fleshlight with any water-based lubricant. To clean up wash the sleeve with warm soapy water, spray on antibacterial Flesh Wash, pat dry and apply Renewing Powder to keep your Fleshlight ready to go when you are.