ElectraStim KIX


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ElectraStim KIX

Developed specifically with newcomers in electro in mind, KIX is a pocket-sized simulator with a focus on the different types of stimulation electro-sex can provide, not just the intensity.
Instead of the classic numerical levels we’re all used to, KIX displays intensity levels as a colour spectrum with cooler tones (blues, greens) representing lower levels and warmer tones (purples, reds) showing the highest levels.
Using this spectrum to represent intensity has also allowed us to introduce smooth seamless intensity control with no perceptible “step” between each level and full control for the user.

KIX features a new “Sweep n Keep” mode where the frequency of the stimulation can be changed alongside the intensity for a truly massive range of different sensations.
Your favourite setting can even be applied to the pre-programmed patterns.

Whether you’re looking for a more compact simulator to add to your collection or want to introduce a friend to the joys of e-stim for the first time, KIX is compatible with a wide selection of accessories and boasts plenty of features and power to keep things interesting.