What You Should Know about Lube and Where to Buy Couples, Male, and Female Sex Toys in Perth

There are lots of different kinds of lube, from water-based to silicone-based, from cooling and warming to tingling and flavoured. Most people who have sex or play with male, female, or couples sex toys in Perth need lube sooner or later. Made from body-safe ingredients, personal lube is designed to have a slippery texture that reduces friction during sex or masturbation. However, it’s not as simple as just grabbing a bottle and heading home. Let’s look at the different types of lube and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Water-based lube

The most popular lubes are water-based for several reasons. First, they are easy to clean up and wash out of sheets and clothing with no trouble. You can use them with latex condoms and silicone sex toys (which you cannot use with silicone-based lubes). Also, water-based lubes are gentle on skin, and allergies or sensitivities to them are rare.

Silicone-based lube

Silicone-based lubes have a super-silky feel that’s unlike anything else. They are hypoallergenic, so like water-based lubes, they rarely cause any adverse reactions. Silicone-based lubes have the advantage when it comes to lasting, too – they usually need to be reapplied less often than water-based products. Also, if you like to have sex or masturbate in the shower or pool, silicone is the way to go because it won’t wash off in the water as easily as other lubes will.


Oils and oil-based lubes feel great and can last a long time. You can also use these products for giving sensual massages. However, do bear in mind that you can’t use oil-based lubes with latex condoms, and that they can be more difficult to remove from clothing and linens than water- or silicone-based options.

Temperatures and flavours

If you’re in the market for something new, try one of the many fun products that are available, such as a warming lube that stimulates blood flow and provides an erotic warming sensation for incredible orgasms. Or, take the other route and go with a cooling lube, which will deliver a chilly tingle on contact. You can also find lubes in lots of different flavours, particularly nice if you and your partner are into oral stimulation. Flavoured lubes are safe for consumption and come in a variety of options including, mint, berry, and caramel.

Where to find male and female sex toys in Perth

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