How to Shop for a Vibrator at Your Adult Outlet Store in Belmont

Whether you are shopping for your first vibrator or the newest addition to your toy box, you may be overwhelmed with options and unsure how to narrow it down to The One. There are so many different materials, sizes, styles, and colours that it can be a hard decision to make – but with a little information, you can find your perfect companion and enjoy a long, satisfying relationship. If you’re stumped, here are some clues as to where to start.

Best vibrator for a beginner

If you’re buying your first vibrator, consider looking for a simple clitoral vibrator. These toys are used only on the outside of your body and focus vibration on your clitoris, where most women need direct stimulation to achieve orgasm. Clitoral vibrators tend to be small and portable, and you can easily use them by yourself or with a partner.

Best vibrator for g-spot stimulation

Varying opinions exist about g-spots – from whether they exist at all to how good it feels to touch one. If you’d like to discover this erogenous zone on your body, look for an angled vibrator specially designed to reach this mystical area. The g-spot is located a couple of inches inside the vagina on the front side and is rich in nerve endings; many women swear by g-spot stimulation for the most intense orgasms.

Best vibrator for the most intense sensation

If you just want to feel as good as you can possibly feel, go for a dual-action vibrator such as the “rabbit” style, which has both a shaft for penetration and a clitoral vibrator for external stimulation. These incredible toys can produce intense pleasure inside and out for amazing orgasms. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, one of these vibrators is guaranteed to take your pleasure up yet another notch.

Best versatile vibrator

If you like the idea of a vibrator that offers lots of different options, go for a simple vaginal model. You can use them inside the vagina, on your clitoris, by yourself, with a partner, and even internally and externally on a male partner. There’s no end to the ways you can get creative with one of these.

Best vibrator to use with a male partner

Want to take sex to the next level? Then go for a vibrating cock ring. You’ll both feel its intensity during sex, leading to increased pleasure and stronger climaxes. It can also be used alone by either of you, so there’s plenty of versatility that comes with this option, too.

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