Using Nipple Clamps and Where to Shop for them at an Erotic Adult Outlet Store in Mandurah

Women and men alike often enjoy nipple play, as the nipples are highly erogenous zones with lots of nerve endings that make them super sensitive and responsive. From licking and teasing to pinching and squeezing, there are lots of ways to use nipples to deliver thrilling sensations. One of the most popular forms of nipple play is using nipple clamps, which you can find at your local adult shop in Mandurah. Here’s how to give them a try.

Test another body part first

Before applying clamps to your (or your partner’s) nipples, try them on a less sensitive part of your body such as your earlobe to get a feel for how hard they will pinch. Some nipple clamps are adjustable, so you can begin at the lightest pressure and then adjust to tighten the grip. Doing so will allow you to understand what to expect and avoid accidentally applying to much pressure to the nipples and causing unwanted pain.

Apply the clamps

Make sure that your or your partner’s nipples are erect before attempting to put the clamps on. If they’re not, make time for a little erotic teasing until they stand at attention. When they’re nice and firm, open the clamp and place the nipple between the jaws, releasing gently to clamp down on the nipple. If the pressure is too light or too heavy, adjust as needed until it’s just right.

Wearing your nipple clamps

When you’ve just purchased your new nipple clamps from an adult store in Mandurah, it’s natural that you would want to wear them around as much as possible – it’s fun! However, you should avoid leaving them on for extremely long periods. The pinching does more than turn you on; it also interferes with blood flow. Try wearing them for 15 minutes or so at a time before giving your nipples a rest.

Playing with your nipple clamps

There are numerous ways to provide stimulation to yourself or your partner with nipple clamps firmly in place. For example, if your nipple clamps have attached chains, you can gently tug or pull on these (or use them as a leash to lead your partner around). Some nipple clamps vibrate for over-the-top sensation. You can also use nipple clamps on other body parts – think tongues, ear lobes, and genitals – anywhere you’d like to provide a little pleasure-pain.

Finding nipple clamps at an erotic store in Mandurah

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