Sensuous Ben Wa Balls


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Hundreds of years ago, Japanese women developed an intimate technique for achieving orgasm, mastering pelvic muscles and relieving stress. Two metal balls, placed in the vagina behind the g-spot, create blissful vibrations that travel all the way to the clitoris with a roll of the hips.

Ben Wa balls create subtle stimulation. The vibrations created are not meant to bring the user to immediate orgasm but rather to tease for great lengths of time before finally building to a powerful climax. This slow build can go for hours, building to peaks and valleys that finally release in waves of exquisite pleasure. Practitioners of Tantra and Taoism believe that Ben Wa Balls are helpful tools to exercise sexual control, gain intimate knowledge of ones body, and find greater pleasure in sexual activity.

Ben Wa Balls may also be used to increase strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Similar to kegel exercises, Ben Wa Balls and other vaginal weights are recommended by gynaecologists and obstetricians to increase elasticity and bladder control.

Comfortable in use, easy to wash and store – make Ben Wa Balls your discrete new accessory.

Diameter: 19 mm

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