Play Time Strawberry Lube


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Sweeten up your playtime with Play Time strawberry flavoured lube. Using natural flavourings, strawberry flavoured lubricant brings the taste of fresh, sugary strawberries to make your sex life even sweeter.

This delicious, water-based lube is a non-greasy and non-sticky clear formulation that gives you a wonderful silky sensation.

Play Time Strawberry lube moisturises and lubricates your intimate areas to enhance the ease and comfort of sexual activity – while also tasting absolutely delicious.  Using natural flavourings, the dermatologically tested lube enhances sensual licks and kisses with an explosion of delicious strawberry flavour.

All of Play Time lubes are safe to use with your favourite sex toys, condoms and with a partner. So sweeten up your playtime!

75ml bottle

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