Hiball Smart Kegel Training System


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HiBall is an intelligent Kegel exercise device that is uniquely and scientifically designed to restore pelvic muscle tone, strength and control.

These smart kegel balls are also an app-controlled multi-power and multi-pattern love egg all controlled with your smartphone.

HiBall follows Kegel exercise principles and uses the world’s first three-dimensional stress testing technology. Through the 4 ways of exercise, the pelvic floor muscles grip strength, explosive force and endurance will increase. The pelvic nervous system will be more healthy and the cooperative ability of the muscles and nerves will be better.

By completing all these exercises, the vagina will be tighter and you will be able to control the tightening and relaxing action.

Additional features:

  • Kegel exercise toy
  • Use for vibratory stimulator and massage
  • Exercise through an app controlled game with real time evaluation
  • Liquid silicone material
  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable

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