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Set your trail to ecstasy in this adult domino game for couples. Domin8 is an exciting game that takes you on a trail of sexual pleasure while exploring exciting new activities that will unleash your fantasies. Begin by dealing the domino tiles face down making sure the icons are not revealed until play time. Each player starts out with 18 tiles that only they can view. Once that first tile is laid, the arousing excitement begins.

Build your trail by matching one of the Domin8 icons on each end of the tile. This game can go in any direction, as long as the icons match when adding tiles to the trail. If a player cannot match an icon, the other player can either take that play with a matching tile from their pile or choose a naughty treat based on the icon that could not be matched by their partner. Play a domino with the same icon on both ends to receive a naughty treat mid-game based on the icon played and the rules listed in the enclosed playing card for that icon.

Be sure to have some alluring accessories (not included in box) within hands reach Handcuffs, Feather, Shirt & Tie, Blind Fold, Whip, and scarf or rope for hand tying fun. You won’t want to stop play to retrieve a missing item, nor do you want to miss the fantasy by not being prepared! Included in the box are 24 Scenario Cards (3 for each icon); 36 Domin8 Domino Tiles; 1 Domin8 Me and 1 Domin8 You cards, 1 Rules of Domin8 Card.

The first player to lay their last tile is awarded the Domin8 Me and Domin8 You cards. The winner then chooses one of the Scenario cards that matches one of the icons from their last “winning” tile laid. After reading the winning Scenario of fantasy fun the winner decides who the Domin8’er will be by throwing either the Domin8 Me or Domin8 You card down. Give into temptation – play Domin8 where no one really loses. Domin8 an adult domino game for couples also includes “Let’s Talk About Sex! – 10 Sexy Questions to Heat Things Up!” game card for arousing foreplay.

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