Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel




Sensitive Skin Gel provides the same great slickness  you’ve come to expect from Astroglide Brand Personal Lubricants, in a thicker gel formula specifically created for sensitive skin.

This Ultra Gentle formula is free from irritating alcohol, petroleum, preservatives,  fragrances, parabens and glycerin and includes cutting edge soothing vaginal moisturising ingredients. Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel Personal Lubricant is water-based, water-soluble, a vaginal moisturiser, latex safe and soothes and hydrates to relieve vaginal dryness. Allergy Tested.

The International Society of Dermatology reports that nearly 50% of the total American population (over 155 million people) experience skin sensitivity, with more women experiencing this than men. No comprehensive data is available for Australia.

Natural Rubber Latex condom safe and Polyisoprene Condom safe. It has been specifically created based on gynaecological research to supplement your natural lubrication. 85g tube.

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